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About Us

Zhengzhou Yibang Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd. Is a subsidiary of HENAN KANGYUAN FLAVOR GROUP CO., LTD. Yibang operates monomeric fragrances, synthetic fragrances, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical and dye intermediates, agricultural and sideline products, metal materials and food flavors etc.. It is also responsible for the procurement of various raw materials, instruments and equipments which are required for the production, engineering, research and development of subsidiaries of Kangyuan group company. Relying on strong financial support, professional sales network, and high-quality product services, YIBANG has become the partner of domestic and foreign manufacturers and professional customers, and it is a foreign trade-oriented enterprise with considerable strength in the spice industry.

Zhengzhou YIbang has established a team of professional traders in business trade and new product development. It has rich experience in foreign trade, good domestic and international business reputation, and extensive sales channel advantages. Through the joint efforts, YIbang  has achieved outstanding results. Our products sell well all over the country and are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, America, Europe and other countries and regions. And enjoy high reputation from domestic and foreign customers.

Yibang adheres to the tenet of “Quality first, service first”. We sincerely hope to establish good cooperative relationship with more companies and strive to meet the different requirements of customers. We hope that Yibang products will help you succeed in your products. We hope that our products will develop together in big market and create brilliant future. We sincerely welcome customers to visit, guide and call us!

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